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Meme Network is a meme-friendly ecosystem based on Web 3.0 that features high transparency, irreversible data and collective consensus with autonomy and community focused approach. This integrated platform offers tools and applications to empower meme lovers to create, distribute and monetise memes.

We love memes, and our goal is to provide a scalable solution to transit internet memes from a relatively enclosed environment in Web 2.0 to a decentralised ecosystem in Web 3.0.
Our platform intents to liberate creativity so memers - our community is empowered to create whatever they want, wherever they want. With our tools & Layer 1 network, everybody is granted true ownership to their creation.

Meme Network releases various community programs and events on an ongoing basis to gather the community for fun events, new application testing, or to simply crowdsource wisdom on various topics. Join the discussion on Discord and follow Meme Network on Twitter to learn more. All of Meme Network’s official links can be found here.

$MEME is the native token of Meme Network mainly used for network fees on the blockchain, to provide Proof of Stake consensus to the Meme Network, and for protocol governance. You can read more about $MEME token uses in our Medium.

5 billion. You can learn more about the inflation and deflation mechanisms in place here.

Details about $MEME token distribution and release schedule can be found here.

Take a look at the official documentation - if you can’t find the answer to your question here, share it with us in the #ask-me-anything channel on Discord.

Install Keplr wallet (desktop browser preferred) -
Add Meme Network to your Keplr -

By staking your $MEME token to our validators, it will help to secure the MEME network. In return, you can earn $MEME reward with current rate of 176% APR. Full staking tutorial is available. You may even be able to auto-compounding your reward up to 900% APR by delegate through, details can be found here.

Of course. Osmosis Frontier allows Memer to participate in incentivized $MEME liquidity pools for liquidity mining to earn incentives and swap fees. Full tutorial can be found here.

You can find your wallet information on the block explorer.
Please go to find the search icon and paste your wallet address.

Yes, Meme Testnet is now released, details can be found here.

Meme Testnet does not offer external reward, but we are considering on an incentive program for our potential developers, stay tuned for more updates.

MEME Art is a Web3 meme creator and platform. All creations produced in MEME Art will be minted as NFTs (non-fungible token) and stored permanently in the MEME Network blockchain, where Memers (creators) are all granted true ownership and monetization of their works.

As memes become an internet commodity, a good meme can even be positioned as a creative asset or a new form of currency across social media. We believe that there should be a better way to monetize memes through a decentralized network. MEME Art fixes it and aims to explore various solutions to incentivize Memers to create and utilize memes on a daily basis.

The Heritage System works as a family tree with a royalty structure. When a Creator creates a Origin/ Parent MEME with original materials (image or design elements), a Spreader may transform it into a Child MEME by twisting the text layer. Both would be incentivized in $MEME.

When minting a MEME with materials (image or design elements), 40% of the charged minting fee will be distributed to the Origin Creator (10%) and Parent Creator (30%) as royalty reward. 60% will go to MEME Art Fund Pool for development purposes.

When minting a MEME, you simply need to upload your own original image instead of using our images in the MEME Art official library or an existing MEME asset, which is preferably to be out of your original creation and creative ideas.

Asset owner of an Origin MEME (created with original visual materials) who is in an agreement to make it available for future Re-Create activities.

Anyone who creates a MEME based on an existing MEME asset, which can be an Origin MEME, Parent MEME or images from the MEME Art library.