THE Introduction

To meme or not to meme, that is also a question.

An Energy-like Existence

Memes are like transformative and renewable energy that stands the test of time. Through adaptations of text, images, video clips, sound or the combination of the former elements, memes are humorous manifestations that convey cultural ideas, symbols, or practices.

A successful meme may even be powerful enough to prevent a war or save a country. We believe memes are the best weapon in our language arsenal in the digital social world that constantly drives our communication forward in the digital era. The internet widens the possibilities of memes, and we foresee that blockchain technology will empower memes to a new height.

Meme Network:
The First Blockchain Network Built to Facilitate Memes

Based on an autonomous and community-focused approach, Meme Network is a meme-friendly ecosystem built in Cosmos network that features high transparency, irreversible data, and collective consensus. It is an integrated platform offering tools and applications to empower meme lovers to create, distribute, and monetize memes.

The Transition from
Web 2.0 to Web 3.0

The mission of Meme Network is to provide a scalable solution to transit internet memes from a relatively enclosed and monopolized Web 2.0 environment to a decentralized Web 3.0 ecosystem. Believing that everyone has a story to tell, Meme Network aims to unleash creativity by empowering memers to create whatever they want, wherever they want in our community.

With our tools and Layer 1 network, everybody is granted genuine ownership of their creation. Aiming to create a community-owned ecosystem, we have distributed 55% of the $MEME initial supply to the community through genesis airdrop–public users currently own most of the $MEME supply.

The problem with Web 2.0

enclosed, censored, controlled, and monopolized by a few resourceful entities

A potential solution in Web 3.0:

decentralized, transparent, open, censorship-resistant, trustworthy, with an irreversible record and consensus system

$MEME: A Fun and Witty Currency Used in Meme Network Apps

$MEME is the native token of Meme Network Blockchain and is used as the “gas fee” across all Meme apps. It is also used for staking and governance on Meme Network. $MEME can be purchased on decentralized exchanges and stored in a wallet supporting $MEME tokens.

Fun Little dApps to Better Serve Meme and Its Lovers

Embracing the interoperability of IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication), Meme Network brings new and unique utilities to the Cosmos ecosystem to supercharge our applications. Several dApps are under development, including MEME Creator Tool, NFT Marketplace and Incubator, and a MEME Social Platform.

MEME Creator Tools

Can memes be art? MEME Art, our first release, is a creative application that offers essential features required for creating memes. Most importantly, it is way beyond [add your text here]. All creations produced in MEME Art can be minted as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and stored and exchanged in our MEME NFT Marketplace, where creators are all granted genuine ownership of their works.

MEME NFT Marketplace

The Layer 1 decentralized NFT marketplace in the COSMOS ecosystem offers exchange, auction, and voting functions to all Memers, so they can enjoy a permission-less environment to monetize their creativity.

MEME Incubator

With a ready-to-use infrastructure in our network, MEME Incubator opens up the opportunity for crypto start-up projects. It enables our community to mint their own token, form a governance system (DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization), or even create interoperable applications with the advantage of Cosmos IBC.

MEME Social Network

Establishing the MEME Social Network is our ultimate goal. The Network aims to be a decentralized communication tool, where Memers only need a connected MEME wallet to share ideas.

The Question Mark

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. 
Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

— Albert Einstein —

Memetic echoes.

This quote triggered our decision to use a bold, modern question mark as the logo of Meme Network as it symbolically resonates with our attitude and curiosity towards the future development of blockchain. If memes represent an open-ended question, our mission is to explore and provide answers in a memetic way along with our community.