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Meme Network, a creation of MEME PoS Chain, is an advanced ecosystem tailored for meme enthusiasts. It capitalizes on the foundational principles of Web 3.0—transparency, data immutability, and collaborative consensus—to enhance user experience.

MEMEingful Empowerment

Meme Network Features

Create a
Meme-friendly Platform

An integrated platform offers tools and applications to empower meme lovers to create, distribute and monetize memes.

High Speed,
Low Cost

Affordable transactions, hassle-free handling and lightning speed.

Ownership for All

We believe everyone has a story to tell. Meme Network liberates creativity so memers - our community is empowered to create whatever they want, wherever they want. With our tools & Layer 1 network, everybody is granted true ownership to their creation.

Web 2.0 to
Web 3.0

Meme Network aims to provide a scalable solution to transit internet memes from a relatively enclosed environment in Web 2.0 to a decentralized ecosystem in Web 3.0.


55% of $MEME initial supply was distributed to our community through the genesis airdrop, and the majority of $MEME supply is owned by public users.

$MEME Coin Price